Z1500 IronMind Belt: Olive/Satin Aluminum

Z1500 IronMind Belt: Olive/Satin Aluminum

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Detailed Description

If IronMind made a belt . . .

The z1500 is functional, sharp-looking, and goes with about anything you're wearing, short of a suit . . . and an honest-to-goodness 1,500 lb. strong.

It's a serious tool masquerading as a belt (check the sewn-in instructions), and at a minimum strength of 1,500 lb., its uses are limited only by your imagination.

Olive 1-1/2" wide belt in stiffer webbing with a satin aluminum anodized IronMind buckle: stealth goes tasteful and versatile.

Two sizes:

  • 4-foot - 48"
  • 5-foot - 60"

No. 1462-SG (.5 lb.) $32.95

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Made to be used 9/15/2021
I ordered this as a replacement for my previous Ironmind belt, so really this is a review about that belt. I wore that belt every day for about 10 years. At home, at work, in pants or in shorts, even in formal wear. At work I wear cargo pants that are usually full of tools. The usual consumer grade belt doesnt hold up very well in that situation. My Ironmind belt held up great. It still works even now, but the bottom edge has recently started to fray and kind of interferes with buckling and unbuckling the belt. Truth be told, I never did the extra step that they show in the instructions, and it still did what I needed it to do. Ill be keeping my old belt for secondary purposes. It still has life left in it. I was hoping I could get a replacement with the same color scheme as the old one, which was a black belt with a blue buckle, but Ill admit Im liking the looks of this new one in Olive/Satin. I hope it holds up as good as my last one did. Excellent product. Buy it and use it.
- Jesse, OR