Zenith Trainer Fitness Gripper

Zenith Trainer Fitness Gripper

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Detailed Description

Conditioning and strength--endurance.

The bold, new way to train, Zenith is designed for strong and healthy hands in the 21st century. Its super smooth ride makes it hard to put down--you'll love it at first squeeze:

  • warm-ups, cool-downs, prehab, rehab, conditioning and strength
  • silky-smooth handles and a no-bump ride
  • proprietary GR8-R springs, designed for low-gear, moderate-to-high rep training
  • precision manufacturing for superb build quality, and world-class performance, feel, and appearance
  • made in the USA
  • no-surprise geometry on all dimensions

Choosing a Zenith gripper: use Zenith by itself or along with a CoC or IMTUG gripper, depending on your goals:

  • Strength and conditioning : use the same Zenith model you are using for your work sets with a Captains of Crush gripper as a starting point--so if you are doing your work sets with a CoC No. 1, try a Zenith 1, and then go up or down, depending on your preference
  • Fitness : select a Zenith one step down for conditioning and active rest, warm-ups and cool-downs, prehab and rehab work

Made in the USA.

Zenith Trainer: If you do your work sets with a Captains of Crush Trainer, this is where we recommend you begin with Zenith grippers. It will be easier to close than a CoC Trainer, and that's by design.

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No. 1475 (1 lb.) Zenith Trainer $39.95

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