Zlaten Vanev Grit Poster

Zlaten Vanev Grit Poster

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Detailed Description

Wallpaper for PRs!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it's said, and our MILO posters shout with inspiration. Cover your walls and rev up your workouts surrounded by the best strength athletes in the world.

Grit: Zlaten Vanev had it. Challenge is a prerequisite for transformation, and a barbell coupled with an iron will is how Vanev was forged in fire, cleaning 210 kg, only to miss the jerk. A couple of days before, Vanev had made five attemtps on the same 210-kg, cleaning the weight but missing the jerk each time--all under the watchful eye of fabled coach Ivan Abadjiev in the Bulgarian training hall. The good news is that about a week later, Vanev won the World Weightlifting Championships.

21" x 32", color as shown; comes rolled in a tube.

MILO posters: we have the strength world covered.

PS-ZVGR (1 lb.) $17.95