Twist Yo' Wrist™

Twist Yo' Wrist™

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Put a new spin on your lower arm training with the Twist Yo' Wrist: hit everything from your elbows to your fingertips for gains in strength, endurance, and muscle mass. Give it a turn for strong wrists in all directions and a new way to pump up your forearms, training your grip strength at the same time.

The Twist Yo' Wrist trains both your grip, wrist and forearm, and the movement is radial and ulnar deviation--picture opening a jar of peanut butter with one hand on the lid, the other on the bottom of the jar and twisting. It is designed so that you train both concentrically (winding up the cord) and eccentrically (allowing it to unwind under control).

4" diameter roller comes with a 4-ft. climbing-grade accessory cord and a small snap clip; use with or without a loading pin (not included).

No. 1369 (2 lb.) $56.95

If you need a loading pin and clip, please see item Nos. 1313-C and 1314-C.

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Excellent tools 4/4/2016
Twist yowrist is excellent tools for forearms training, we really use our fingers, wrist and forearms muscles. Cool Non slippery design, really fit in our hands. Really a worth money for awesome training with Twist YoWrist
- Sandy Pramadi, INT
Will Wear you out 8/3/2015
If this doesnt wear out your forarms with the finger grip try using 2 fingers and thumb in a pinch grip like on the wrist roller and get ready for the burn.
- will, CO
Great Kit 7/12/2014
This training tool is very well made which is something you can expect from such a quality company as IronMind. It is amazing for increasing wrist strength, grip and forearm power. In combination with other IronMind grip training products you are going to really go places with your training. A must buy.
- Peter White, INT
Good 12/1/2013
This thing is good for the lower part of your forearms, it will develope your forearms near your wrist. The wrist roller will develope muscles nearer to the middle of your forearms, but as I said, this seems to develope muscles on your forearm nearer to the wrist. Good equipment, but is no replacement for the wrist roller. You can only use a limited amount of weight on the twist yo wrist, on the wrist roller you can use unlimited amount of weights. So use them both. Regards, Fredrik, Norway
- Fredrik, INT
Very different from the roller 1/2/2012
I used the roller types before and did not stick with them because I felt like I leveled out on developing strength in my hands and forarms for griping altogether. Until twist Yo wrist came along. This is very serious in so many ways I dont think I could put it into words that would fit in this review. The first week my arms were in shock and that was great!! Now I cant stop using it. I love the challenge and how I can work my thumb more than I use to with a regular roller. IronMind rules!!!
- D. Crenshaw, GA
Become everyones favorite jar opener! 6/16/2011
I purchased this to work my grip and wrists in a different way, from a different angle. This definitely works your fingers as well as your hands and wrists. In no time, you will see the gains and feel the effects! You will soon become everyones go-to guy for opening pickle jars!
- Dustin Blythe, IN
forearms are bulging 6/13/2011
been using the captains of crush and rolling thunder they are both very good, but after using the twist yo, my forearms are bulging, in a short time
- robert, NJ
how to torture your forearms in a new and refreshing way 4/14/2011
I loved so much my twist yo wrist...well built ,almost unbreakable , it fits perfect in my hands helping me to achieve a stunning fitness in my wrist and to prevent the elbow pain because I can work in a balanced way.
- Rossi Valentino, INT
Ironmind Twist Yo Wrist. 2/25/2011
This tool is a great way to workout your wrists and prvide a fun challenge as well. Very well made as all ironmind products, just make sure you have a loading pin of sorts.
- Robb B, NY
Awsome!!!!! 2/17/2011
Used mine for the first time and must say that Im very impressed. Not your ordinary wrist roller, this one works your wrists and hands in a totally different way with a whole different feel. Awsome!!!
- Chris, VA