Big Boy Dumbbell Bars™ (pair), with BD Collars

Big Boy Dumbbell Bars™ (pair), with BD Collars

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Fifty years ago, big boys Paul Anderson and Chuck Ahrens each did 300-lb. one arm presses overhead, and Pat Casey did inclines with 210 lb. Try to fill their shoes with these extra long, extra strong dumbbell bars, also perfect for rows, deadlifts, and farmer's walks.

Brutally strong U.S. prime alloy steel in natural finish, 24" long overall, with knurled 1-3/8" diameter handles. Ends are turned down to 1-1/32" for exercise plates; loading surface is 9-1/4" on each end. Includes 2 pairs of Small Bulldog II Collars and a wrench.

No. 1224 (16 lb.) $459.95/pair

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Get them... Now 10/3/2020
Beautiful finish, long enough to fit plates for whatever you are doing: curls, rows, pressing, farmers etc. Incredible knurling that digs into your hand. Worth every penny!
- Nik Straub, ON
the best dumbbell bars on the market 8/12/2017
I got these dumbbell bars over 20 years ago love them for heavy rows and dumbbell press
- marc castro, FL
Unique. Amazing 4/17/2014
These are great because they are unique. You cannot find anything this strong and this long on the market. These are amazing for things like shrugs, farmers walks, and rows. While these can rust quite quickly as another fellow poster noted, it is also not a big hassle to remove the rust on them. Would change nothing on these as the knurling and collars are beautiful and well crafted.
- Jordin, ON
The best available. 9/16/2013
I have looked everywhere. These are the best available. They are strong enough for ANYONE. The length is excellent for many exercises. I have 3 pairs. I had the length cut on two of the pairs to use on certain exercises where a shorter length was useful.
- Fred Lord, AZ
Big Boy Review 2/25/2011
These are awesome but they are a bit long and will rust extremely fast if you dont put something on them to prevent rust!