De Rigueur Dipping Belt™

De Rigueur Dipping Belt™

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Industrial strength and engineered for heavy lifting--it handles half-ton dips and chins with confidence, the De Rigueur Dipping Belt is light, comfortable, looks sharp, and goes anywhere.

Dip heavy, dip often, and get the chest, shoulders, and triceps you've been lusting after. It works equally well for weighted chins and for basic pulling and dragging.

Attach weight directly to belt or use a loading pin and carabiner for quick, easy weight changes.

No. 1310 (2 lb.) $109.95

Note: If you need a loading pin and clip, please see item Nos. 1313-C and 1314-C.

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Best belt you can buy 12/28/2020
I have owned this for about 3 years now and continue to use it week after week consistently during all this time. I use it for weighted pull-ups 150lbs and dips 200 lbs and have had no issues. The belt is super comfortable and durable. I use it with a carabiner which is the best thing to use to slip over the nylon. Mine shows no signs of fraying, it still looks brand new. Its so much better and more comfortable than the chain belts at my gym.
Excellent dipping belt 4/10/2020
I bought this dipping belt around 16-17 years ago and have used it extensively. Nary a sign of wear on it. The belt itself is top-notch in every way. I really think it will last me forever.
Best dip belt ever 7/1/2017
My brother bought this belt 12 years ago, and we have been doing weighted pull-ups and dips, and it is still in perfect condition. This is truly a great product by IronMind.
Most comfortable belt ive ever bought! 10/21/2016
This belt holds 100+ lbs comfortably around your waist. Unlike other brand name belts that utilize non conforming nylon and a chain that can become uncomfortable on your lower back, this belt sits nice and snug around your entire waist so that you focus entirely on the exercise. Yes its a bit pricey but this a belt that will not only handle any weight you throw on to it, but will do so COMFORTABLY. -Yousef
- Yousef, ON
Ive had mine for nearly 20 years 7/22/2016
IronMind has a big problem with many of their products: theyre so well made you might not ever need to buy another one. This belt is no exception. Ive had mine for almost 20 years. It is by far the best and most comfortable dipping belt Ive ever used.
- John Seiler, MO
Held 805 lbs. for me - no sweat 4/26/2014
I used my dipping belt for a Hip Lift - 805 lbs and all I can say is that I wish I was as strong as this dipping belt is.
- Steve Freides, NJ
The Best! 4/17/2014
This is the best dipping belt on the market. All the other ones break or are just too awkward. This one is light, easily adjustable and can take hundreds....and hundreds. Stop buying those cheap ones with the chain and get this one! The great thing about this one too, is that it can be used with a carabiner/post, Olympic plates and/or Regular plates.
- Jordin, ON
Awesome 4/3/2011
Great belt for dipping, chins and even calf exercises. Though on the calves I would just recommend a chain with a carabiner. The loading pin tends to swing.
- P Lopez, CA