Any 3 IMTUG Grippers: e.g., IMTUG2, 3, 4

Any 3 IMTUG Grippers:  e.g., IMTUG2, 3, 4

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Detailed Description

Pinch or crush--your choice--one or two fingers at a time. Choose any 3 IMTUG grippers--just $25.95 each!

Pre-selected set includes:

  • No. 1412 - IMTUG2 gripper*
  • No. 1413 - IMTUG3 gripper*
  • No. 1414 - IMTUG4 gripper*

Your fingers differ in length and strength so you use a different strength IMTUG depending on which fingers you are targeting:

  • Thumb - weakest - use an easier IMTUG
  • Ring and pinkie fingers - moderate - use a medium IMTUG
  • Index and middle fingers - strongest - use a tougher IMTUG

*other strengths of IMTUG grippers may be substituted in set; please leave a note at Check-out.

No. 1412-3 (3 lb.) $77.85 ($25.95 each)

You'll find more information about IMTUG grippers here.

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Essential. 2/11/2016
These little grippers are good for developing pinching grip. Ive made good progress with them, especially with my left hand where my thumb was lacking a lot in power. Now my strength in both thumbs are a little more equal. I have yet to explore the possibilities in training two fingers at a time. Should be owned by every CoC gripper owner.
- Ittukusuk Fisker, INT