Heavy Hammer II Leverage Bar

Heavy Hammer II Leverage Bar

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Detailed Description

Combine grip and wrist--forearm work. Train everything from your elbow to your fingertips in one movement--the 2" diameter handle will work your grip as you lever it up and down.

Proven on everyone from armwrestlers to steel benders to hockey players, the Heavy Hammer uses standard plates (not included) and comes with a spring clip collar. Overall length is 18"; loading surface is 1" in diameter and 4" long.

How to choose between a Heavy Hammer II and a Wrist Reinforcer:

  • With its 2" diameter handle, the Heavy Hammer II combines grip and wrist-forearm work. Longer and lighter in weight, it is made from tubing and is used with a spring clip collar (a Bulldog II Collar could dent/damage it).
  • The shorter and heavier Wrist Reinforcer, with its smaller grip, allows you to really focus on the wrist-forearm, using whatever poundage you can handle. Designed to take a real pounding, it is made from bar stock and uses a Bulldog II Collar for maximum security.

    We recommend that you choose between the two based on your training goals, as each has a valuable role.

    No. 1255 (3 lb.) $69.95

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    Helped contribute to levering 16 pound sledge hammer for reps. 9/29/2016
    This is an awesome thick grip levering device that will strengthen your wrists in all planes of motion increasing your ability to lever increased weight sledgehammers and will contribute to arm wrestling for wrist strength and forearm strength.
    Joseph Sullivan
    Everyone Should Have One of These 12/16/2015
    Based upon the picture, I was expecting a steel tube with an oversized plastic handle on the end, so when mine arrived and I learned that this a single piece of solid metal with knurled handle that feels just like a CoC gripper, I was very impressed. This is a high quality product that will work your grip and wrist while be far more versatile than owning a bunch of sledgehammers. If you are serious about developing a crushing grip, I highly recommend this tool.
    - Eric, VA
    This WORKS! 5/5/2015
    I wanted to both increase my grip strength, as I restrained people on my job, and, secondarily, to improve my wrist-wrestling skills. A great improvement, on both fronts, occurred within a short time. This tool really focuses on the grip, the wrist and the top and inner forearm. Highly recommended.
    - John, AZ
    Excellent quality 2/19/2014
    Im glad I got this wrist leverage bar! You can tell its a quality made product. If you want a wirst leverage bar this is it
    - Mike S, TX
    helping my elbow issues 3/10/2011
    Great grip strength trainer all around and it really helped with a nagging pain I was having on the inside of my right elbow area. With regular use of this thing Im gonna have arms like Popeye.
    - Ron, GA