ALight Mobile Training Center

ALight Mobile Training Center

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Detailed Description

Squat Racks, Chinning Bar, and Dipping Bars

Light as a feather, strong as an ox: never before have the big three--squat, dip, chin--been so accessible. If you want a portable gym, one you can set up and take down in a snap, ALight is for you. The whole system weighs less than a set of golf clubs. The ALight Squat Racks weigh 32 lb. but handle +500-lb. (+225-kg) squats with ease. And if you're a 300-lb. guy who likes to do strict chins, have at it with the ALight Chinning Bar.

ALight is a revolutionary design:

  • beautifully crafted aircraft-grade aluminum with no welds, nuts, or bolts
  • precision-fit squat, dip and chin tops instantly swap out and lock into place with no tools other than your hands

ALight Training Center includes:

  • base unit and squat tops
  • dipping handles
  • chinning bar

Specifications for ALight include:

  • footprint is 24" front to back; outside width adjusts from 20-1/2" to 47-1/2"
  • squat tops adjust at 2" intervals from 48" to 83"
  • massive 2-1/2" diameter main uprights
  • dipping handles adjust in height at 2" intervals from 48" to 85-1/2" and in width from 20-1/2" to 47-1/2"; hand position can be parallel or at a 45-degree angle; designed for comfort and a secure grip, 1-3/8" wide x 1-1/8" thick
  • chinning bar adjusts from 48" to 85" high; 1-1/2" diameter

1 base + 3 tops = squat--dip--chin

No. 1480 ALight base and squat, dip and chin attachments $1399.95

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Craftsmanship and Performance 10/17/2014
I thought it was important to give a review for those considering these squat stands versus a cage. First of all, these are extremely well made and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into the design, from both an aesthetics and performance perspective. Basically this is what stands out: - All the handles have built in groves as well as the pins to provide a tight, stable fit. I dipped with 90lbs on a weightlifting platform and these were rock solid as I expected. - The dip handles can be placed parallel or at 45 degrees or left free to rotate adding an extra layer of difficulty and biomechanical efficiency depending on your shoulder flexibility status. -I performed strict underhand sternum chin-ups and again nary a wobble. Now remember I said strict as I am not into Crossfit but still prefer functional movements. -Squats/presses worked great with ability to space the uprights at any desired distance. Now these have a 700lb limit but that is more than I will ever handle in a squat or other and the fact that I can move these to the side when not in use really maximizes space in my garage. The one option I would like to see is a attachment to do v-grip or parallel grip style chin-ups but otherwise very happy with my purchase. Beautiful design and solid as a rock. PS I weigh190 and am 5 10 tall
- John, CA
Gorgeous 4/17/2014
Purchased this as a portable, extremely high quality unit that has the ability to be moved around easily. I absolutely love how theres no screws or any building required. Takes less than 5 seconds to put attachments in/out and about another 5 seconds to attach the sides to the back post. Overall the unit is beautiful. Sleek, impeccably high quality aluminum, and the attachments are beautifully crafted. If you are looking for a high quality unit to support 700-750lb and looking for the latest innovation in something that weighs just over 30lb, and can be easily transportable - this is a great purchase!
- Jordin, ON
Very Well Made 3/22/2014
I bought this because I needed something that could be easily moved out of the way when I needed more space. I also will be traveling for an extended period of time and will be taking this with me. When I first pulled this out of the box, I was amazed by the craftsmanship, I have no doubt it will hold the kind of weight it claims to, it seems very solid to me. Highly recommend this if you need portability and still want to squat, press, chin-up and dip.