The Complete Keys to Progress

The Complete Keys to Progress

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by John McCallum

Want big arms? Need to bulk up or trim down? Want to combine lifting and running? It's all here in the complete anthology of John McCallum's classic series, "Keys to Progress," from Strength & Health magazine in the 1960s. Informative, entertaining, and invaluable--and packed with routines for training from head to toes. 288 pp.

No. 1287 (1 lb.) $19.95

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Entertaining and informative... A true classic 11/18/2020
The Keys articles are undoubtedly some of the most entertaining and informative that Ive ever read. John was ahead of his time in terms of identifying the mental side of training, including things like visualization and fractional relaxation. The articles definitely influenced a generation of lifters of all disciplines, including Dr. Ken Leistner, who was also a very strong guy and influential writer in his own right. John admonished his readers to work hard on the big lifts and to get strong. He wanted his charges to have some go along with their show. He taught us to be humble, and never think you know it all. Never stop learning, and never set limits in your mind. While some of the rotuines he used were a little higher in volume than I use, I will say that Ive gleaned many great ideas and been able to modify some of his routines for my personal rate of recovery and frequency of training. This book has all the man-making methods you could ever want... He espouses heavy, high rep squats just like Dr. Strossen and includes additional thoughts on building brute strength. The book is a definite keeper and a classic that I return to sometimes when I need a dose of common sense wisdom. Thank you Dr. Strossen for introducing this great book, and for keep long the squatting fires alight with Super Squats, which helped me make some of my best gains ever.
- Jason S, FL